「ワインボトルの中で植物を育ててみた」 [NEWS]






Moss-age In A Bottle [via SlashFood]

Jason Fitzpatrick(原文/訳:阿久津美穂)
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The game, or rather Kevin Levine, is horrible for trying to take the so-called “Moral High Ground” in regards to the boiling pot of minority anger, their ability to defend themselves against verbal and physical violence and worse diminishing and disrespecting what is still an ongoing struggle; you don’t judge a people who’ve been thoroughly abused, disrespected and more over killed for merely existing as they are and NOT expect the repercussions of your actions to come flying back at you in the same manner. Whether the people in Columbia were an active proponent in the exercise, they were content to sit by and allow it to happen to people who were undeserving of the emotional and physical torture that was visited upon them.
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